The Guiding Angel

So I had a dream last night of a family who hunted creatures that weren’t human. There was a grandmother, parents, and three kids.

The dream starts from the point of view of a Being without a form following them. They try to take the forms of people that the family knows to approach them but most members automatically sense what this Being is and try to fight it away. The odd thing is, though, the two youngest children can’t see them.

After trying for so long the Being takes to stalking from the shadows. The grandmother seems to know something isn’t quite right as she starts making plans for settling down with the family. For example she purchases an old factory building and made plans to renovate it into apartments with a room for each family member.

As she is showing these plans to the rest of the family the shapeless Being approaches again but still stays to the shadows so as to not be seen. The family members who can see Them are asking questions and the Being answers.

“Why are you stalking us?”

“I need you to come with me.”

“Why do we need to come with you? Why can the youngest not see you?”

“Because you are all dead while those two still live.”

“Why should we come with you?”

“Because, as you know, the dead do not belong among the living. I must take you to the where your souls will be judged and where you will find peace.”

The parents try to argue and want to fight but the eldest child and the grandmother stop them, knowing what the Being says is true. Then they all start to please with the Being, asking for just a little more time to make preparations for the two children that still live so they would be comfortable and asking for the Being to watch over them. The Being tell them that they have to take at least one souls with them in order to give them more of the time they need for the youngest.

The eldest child volunteers and takes the Being’s hand. As they ascend, the Being grows wings of flame that burn the very air but won’t touch the family. They ask for the Being’s name as he ascends with the eldest child. He answered truthfully, as he always had.



The Cave

Some may recall several posts ago I wrote about a recurring dream that involved a cave system that showed those who dared to enter it their worst fears… Well for some reason every time I try to Astral Travel now I end up in that cave system, at the heart of what causes the phenomenon. There’s a being down there who cannot even remember what their original form is. They spread themselves over the cave walls, creating a stifling darkness when there should be light. I can feel their loneliness yet their ability to create fear is too powerful for them to control so they exist in those caves, alone. I want to help them but I don’t know how… Especially when they show me something that causes me to automatically lash out to protect myself.

I think I saw them take an animalistic form once while moving around the cave. Whether it’s their true form or not I can’t know and I doubt they do either.

Modern Slavery: Another Strange Dream

I forgot to write about the dream that I had the other night… TW for slavery

Basically, under the angry cheeto, slavery is reintroduced in America (but of course they call it something like “job drafting”)… ALL poc individuals are round up and sent to work for different farms, museums, and other institutions as grounds keepers, “actors,” farmers, etc. My dream followed this one plus sized woman with glasses who was sent to… Idek what it was it looked like a museum surrounded by farmland and she was to be part of the gardening crew.

Despite her situation she acted quite cheerful in an attempt to help keep the spirits of the others with her up a little bit. A little while passes after she gets to where she was “assigned” and she decides to explore the grounds. She starts walking towards the farmland and can see the tops of the heads of the farm slaves as they picked corn (because for some reason they were doing it by hand? Idfk.) The others who came with her tried to herd her away from the fields because they were forbidden to mingle with the slaves of the neighboring property but she wasn’t having it and ends up developing a crush on an Islander who was working those fields.

It fast forwards and there’s a cultural festival going on for the POC (because the people who “own” them in that part of the country are looking for every way to break whatever laws were passed as possible without getting arrested… Because if they were arrested their “workers” would be relocated.) The guy she has a crush on gets up and starts singing traditional music while others from the same area as he are playing instruments. When he gets off stage she goes up and starts singing the National Anthem? I think she was singing it as a call to arms of sorts, as that’s what the reactions of those around her suggested. My dream cut to her crush looking up at her in awe and then I wake up.

I hope… That things don’t go anywhere near that direction under the walking spray tan ad’s presidency

The City: A Strange Dream

Last night I dreamed I was in a city that was being wiped off the face of the earth by these inhuman beings. Apparently these beings had an army that was trying to completely destroy humanity. The part that were attacking the city had two dragons that could create sonic ripples that destroyed everything around them, a creature that could control the tide and create tsunamis, and several others that could pass as humans and as such were able to kill under the radar.
I was an inhuman hiding my identity and helping the humans fight back. I was forced to give my identity away when one of the human passing ones walked into a hospital and started killing and destroying everything. I went in to stop the carnage and managed to kill her but afterwards was taken in by the army for “questioning.” I don’t remember much of that but I do remember having my back to the wall while one of the army men trapped me there with his arms.
Fast forward and the next thing I know I’m facing off against the remaining non humans who are asking me why I’d betray their kind and I basically said that those who punish all for the actions of the few are no better than the few.
And then I woke up.

Protection from Negative Spirits Satchet


a sliver of wood, a paint pen, one apache tear, one black tourmaline, one bloodstone, one mugglestone, cedar leaves, rose thorns, blessed thistle, solomon’s root, spring water, florida water. Optional: Rosemary, sage, palo santo ash

Cleanse and charge everything you’re using for this satchel. take the paint pen and draw sigils of protection on the sliver of wood. Combine all the herbs into a mortar and pestle and mix them together, charging them with your intent. Sprinkle in the charged spring water and the florida water. Continue to mix it while charging.

Place the wood sliver and the stones into the herb mixture and let them all charge each other. Mix it all up a little bit before pouring it into the satchel. Tie it with three knots and viola!

Hang the satchet in the center of your living space or in a front window where the sun and moon can keep it charged.

The caves: An Astral/Dream Experience

Last night marks the third dream I’ve had about the same place… but each time I dream about it it looks different. It’s a massive hole in the ground that narrows into a canyon-like structure that has three massive caves in the side with the largest one under two smaller ones to look like the points of a triangle.
The first time I went there there was a bustling cliff-clinging city, complete with blimp-like transport and lush greenery. The second time I went the city was in ruins but the descendants of the people were still there guarding the caves. In both instances the caves had this almost supernatural ability to cause those who entered them to see and live through their worst fears. Those that were able to make it through the caves were regarded as heroes. The rest never make it out.
The third time was different… There were no longer any remnants of civilization. However there were giant creatures, the leader of which looked like he came out of a Junji Ito manga. There were bits of glass and metal hanging everywhere that this leader had turned into chimes and sun catchers, an attempt to not feel like he was as isolated as he was. These giants had lived in the caves, which no longer held the magic they once did. At least, not until you got far into them, past where these beings refused to go.
I was woken up as this leader was telling us about his collections of metal and glass. He seemed lonely… but there was always that undertone of “this being is really fucking dangerous” to him that kept me and my traveling party on edge.
I’m not sure what to make of these dreams. It’s like I’m returning to the same place in different eras and it leaves me wondering why.

Shit the Spirits Say

I wasn’t having a good mental health day yesterday and in an effort to make me feel better one of my kids decided to tell me a story about something they did earlier. It went a little like this:

Child: Mommy can’t be sad! Mommy has to be happy! Mommy has to think of bunnies and rainbows!

Me: Bunnies and rainbows?

Child: Yes! And mud pies! With wormies!

Me: Wormies??

Child: Yes! Like the one I made daddy JJ! And Mommy… -starts giggling- he ate it!

Me: -laughing- I’m sure he appreciated every bite of it.

Child: Uh-huh! And I made one for daddies Shi and Ori! And they ate them too!

Me: … I’m going to have sooo much fun with this later

Close Enough

You’re never close enough
Even when we kiss
When we’re pressed so close
That there are no spaces between our bodies
You’re not close enough.
Even when you are deep within me
Even when you are whispering
“I love you”
Into my ear
You’re not close enough.
When we share breath
A bed, the rug in our secret place
When you bite my skin and I yours
You’re not close enough.
My craving is only satisfied,
You’re only close enough
When our very souls intertwine
When there are no bodies,
No earthly beings between us.
When I feel us blend together
In a melody of emotions and memories
That are shared between us
Before we part again
Only then
Are you close enough.

The Armored Bees: An Astral Experience

Early this morning (because my sleep schedule is really fucked up) I had an Astral Experience in my sleep. It was extremely whimsical and colorful and it took a good few minutes of me explaining it to a third party and then getting their opinion on it to not write it off as just a dream.

It started out in a business building/skyscraper in this place where magic is a physical thing. The new “CEO” of the building had managed to lock all the people who worked for her that used magic in a single room and the only way they could get out of the room is to renounce magic and publicly admit that the only one who should be using magic is “God.”

Well for some reason (probably because I wasn’t from there) I was able to force my way in and out of the room but I couldn’t take the others with me to escape. So I kidnap the CEO’s right hand person and try to force them to tell me how to break the others out.

I keep her trapped in a birdcage with a frog-turned-human guarding the gate. This person was also the one that I fed off of to regain energy (I gather energy from others via sex so…) I remember getting out of the building and the area I was holding this woman prisoner (which was actually quite beautiful) and I was walking through the city when I ran into a swarm of bees. These bees looked like our honeybees but they were all male and covered in black armor, even the stingers. Their leader, whom they called their King, was able to grow and take a human form, though he was still clad in his full-body black armor. He asked why I was in such a hurry and I explained what was going on and requested his help.

The next thing I remember is the other bees handing me a box and when I opened it there was a silver ring with a fossil in the setting instead of a stone. I thought it was a gift between allies (the King didn’t exactly tell me otherwise) and accepted the ring. We make our way back to where the birdcage is and sat around a garden table to discuss strategy. At this point the King reveals that because I accepted his gift we are now married. I kind of sigh and role with it… And that is when my girlfriend jerked me back into my body by waking me up. I’m not sure what happened after… If those people were able to escape or not. I hope they were… And that the “CEO” bitch got taken down.