The Guiding Angel

So I had a dream last night of a family who hunted creatures that weren’t human. There was a grandmother, parents, and three kids.

The dream starts from the point of view of a Being without a form following them. They try to take the forms of people that the family knows to approach them but most members automatically sense what this Being is and try to fight it away. The odd thing is, though, the two youngest children can’t see them.

After trying for so long the Being takes to stalking from the shadows. The grandmother seems to know something isn’t quite right as she starts making plans for settling down with the family. For example she purchases an old factory building and made plans to renovate it into apartments with a room for each family member.

As she is showing these plans to the rest of the family the shapeless Being approaches again but still stays to the shadows so as to not be seen. The family members who can see Them are asking questions and the Being answers.

“Why are you stalking us?”

“I need you to come with me.”

“Why do we need to come with you? Why can the youngest not see you?”

“Because you are all dead while those two still live.”

“Why should we come with you?”

“Because, as you know, the dead do not belong among the living. I must take you to the where your souls will be judged and where you will find peace.”

The parents try to argue and want to fight but the eldest child and the grandmother stop them, knowing what the Being says is true. Then they all start to please with the Being, asking for just a little more time to make preparations for the two children that still live so they would be comfortable and asking for the Being to watch over them. The Being tell them that they have to take at least one souls with them in order to give them more of the time they need for the youngest.

The eldest child volunteers and takes the Being’s hand. As they ascend, the Being grows wings of flame that burn the very air but won’t touch the family. They ask for the Being’s name as he ascends with the eldest child. He answered truthfully, as he always had.



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