Modern Slavery: Another Strange Dream

I forgot to write about the dream that I had the other night… TW for slavery

Basically, under the angry cheeto, slavery is reintroduced in America (but of course they call it something like “job drafting”)… ALL poc individuals are round up and sent to work for different farms, museums, and other institutions as grounds keepers, “actors,” farmers, etc. My dream followed this one plus sized woman with glasses who was sent to… Idek what it was it looked like a museum surrounded by farmland and she was to be part of the gardening crew.

Despite her situation she acted quite cheerful in an attempt to help keep the spirits of the others with her up a little bit. A little while passes after she gets to where she was “assigned” and she decides to explore the grounds. She starts walking towards the farmland and can see the tops of the heads of the farm slaves as they picked corn (because for some reason they were doing it by hand? Idfk.) The others who came with her tried to herd her away from the fields because they were forbidden to mingle with the slaves of the neighboring property but she wasn’t having it and ends up developing a crush on an Islander who was working those fields.

It fast forwards and there’s a cultural festival going on for the POC (because the people who “own” them in that part of the country are looking for every way to break whatever laws were passed as possible without getting arrested… Because if they were arrested their “workers” would be relocated.) The guy she has a crush on gets up and starts singing traditional music while others from the same area as he are playing instruments. When he gets off stage she goes up and starts singing the National Anthem? I think she was singing it as a call to arms of sorts, as that’s what the reactions of those around her suggested. My dream cut to her crush looking up at her in awe and then I wake up.

I hope… That things don’t go anywhere near that direction under the walking spray tan ad’s presidency


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