Protection from Negative Spirits Satchet


a sliver of wood, a paint pen, one apache tear, one black tourmaline, one bloodstone, one mugglestone, cedar leaves, rose thorns, blessed thistle, solomon’s root, spring water, florida water. Optional: Rosemary, sage, palo santo ash

Cleanse and charge everything you’re using for this satchel. take the paint pen and draw sigils of protection on the sliver of wood. Combine all the herbs into a mortar and pestle and mix them together, charging them with your intent. Sprinkle in the charged spring water and the florida water. Continue to mix it while charging.

Place the wood sliver and the stones into the herb mixture and let them all charge each other. Mix it all up a little bit before pouring it into the satchel. Tie it with three knots and viola!

Hang the satchet in the center of your living space or in a front window where the sun and moon can keep it charged.


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