The caves: An Astral/Dream Experience

Last night marks the third dream I’ve had about the same place… but each time I dream about it it looks different. It’s a massive hole in the ground that narrows into a canyon-like structure that has three massive caves in the side with the largest one under two smaller ones to look like the points of a triangle.
The first time I went there there was a bustling cliff-clinging city, complete with blimp-like transport and lush greenery. The second time I went the city was in ruins but the descendants of the people were still there guarding the caves. In both instances the caves had this almost supernatural ability to cause those who entered them to see and live through their worst fears. Those that were able to make it through the caves were regarded as heroes. The rest never make it out.
The third time was different… There were no longer any remnants of civilization. However there were giant creatures, the leader of which looked like he came out of a Junji Ito manga. There were bits of glass and metal hanging everywhere that this leader had turned into chimes and sun catchers, an attempt to not feel like he was as isolated as he was. These giants had lived in the caves, which no longer held the magic they once did. At least, not until you got far into them, past where these beings refused to go.
I was woken up as this leader was telling us about his collections of metal and glass. He seemed lonely… but there was always that undertone of “this being is really fucking dangerous” to him that kept me and my traveling party on edge.
I’m not sure what to make of these dreams. It’s like I’m returning to the same place in different eras and it leaves me wondering why.


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