Shit the Spirits Say

I wasn’t having a good mental health day yesterday and in an effort to make me feel better one of my kids decided to tell me a story about something they did earlier. It went a little like this:

Child: Mommy can’t be sad! Mommy has to be happy! Mommy has to think of bunnies and rainbows!

Me: Bunnies and rainbows?

Child: Yes! And mud pies! With wormies!

Me: Wormies??

Child: Yes! Like the one I made daddy JJ! And Mommy… -starts giggling- he ate it!

Me: -laughing- I’m sure he appreciated every bite of it.

Child: Uh-huh! And I made one for daddies Shi and Ori! And they ate them too!

Me: … I’m going to have sooo much fun with this later


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