The Armored Bees: An Astral Experience

Early this morning (because my sleep schedule is really fucked up) I had an Astral Experience in my sleep. It was extremely whimsical and colorful and it took a good few minutes of me explaining it to a third party and then getting their opinion on it to not write it off as just a dream.

It started out in a business building/skyscraper in this place where magic is a physical thing. The new “CEO” of the building had managed to lock all the people who worked for her that used magic in a single room and the only way they could get out of the room is to renounce magic and publicly admit that the only one who should be using magic is “God.”

Well for some reason (probably because I wasn’t from there) I was able to force my way in and out of the room but I couldn’t take the others with me to escape. So I kidnap the CEO’s right hand person and try to force them to tell me how to break the others out.

I keep her trapped in a birdcage with a frog-turned-human guarding the gate. This person was also the one that I fed off of to regain energy (I gather energy from others via sex so…) I remember getting out of the building and the area I was holding this woman prisoner (which was actually quite beautiful) and I was walking through the city when I ran into a swarm of bees. These bees looked like our honeybees but they were all male and covered in black armor, even the stingers. Their leader, whom they called their King, was able to grow and take a human form, though he was still clad in his full-body black armor. He asked why I was in such a hurry and I explained what was going on and requested his help.

The next thing I remember is the other bees handing me a box and when I opened it there was a silver ring with a fossil in the setting instead of a stone. I thought it was a gift between allies (the King didn’t exactly tell me otherwise) and accepted the ring. We make our way back to where the birdcage is and sat around a garden table to discuss strategy. At this point the King reveals that because I accepted his gift we are now married. I kind of sigh and role with it… And that is when my girlfriend jerked me back into my body by waking me up. I’m not sure what happened after… If those people were able to escape or not. I hope they were… And that the “CEO” bitch got taken down.


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