Dimension Hopping: What it is and how I do it

Dimension hopping (or dimension travel) is basically when one travels outside of their physical body into other dimensions.

Is it different from Astral Travel?

Yes it is! Astral Travel tends to be limited to the Astral itself, which is where Entities/Spirits reside. While there are many different planes that could easily be mistaken for other dimensions it’s not quite the same as those planes are still a part of the Astral. Dimensions, however, are places completely separate from any others and have their own set of planes and realms.

How do you do it?

I’m not going to lie, most of the time it’s on accident in my sleep. However when I do it on purpose I tend to use what I call the “In-Between.” It is basically an inconceivably large, black space that connects dimensions to each other. I was taught how to use this space by a third party as trying to navigate it yourself could very easily get you lost or worse.

Why should I not do this on a whim with zero preparation/knowledge/training?

As I mentioned before, the In-Between is a vast space of just black nothing. This makes it extremely difficult to navigate unless you have been taught or have an expert grasp on energy trailing (meaning you can follow your own energy back to where you were like one may use a string in a cave system.) If you do decide to try it out for yourself you need an expert guide at the very least and you’d want to focus on learning navigation more than anything else. Exploring can come later. The first step is always going to be learning how to not get yourself killed.

Can others follow you back?

Yes, though it’s extremely difficult. For them to follow back, at least if they try to do so permanently, they’d basically be becoming a Spirit themselves. This means abandoning their physical bodies, tearing open the needed portals, navigating the In-Between, and finding the exact place that leads to this dimension. It’s extremely difficult, especially since most of the time (in my experience) none of them have others to teach them. As such it’s very rare for them to follow one back without heavy assistance. Because of this one must always be skeptical of a Spirit claiming to be someone that you met in the other dimension.

I’m going to add more to this when I can think of things but tl;dr don’t do this on your own. If you want to do it find a teacher/guide.


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