The Meeting: an Astral Experience

I had a… dream, maybe? More likely an Astral Experience… Where I snuck over the fence that lines private property next to our townhouse. When I got to the other side I walked a little ways and found myself in a very lush and overgrown graveyard, peaceful but full of the energy that comes from being surrounded by the dead.

As I walked down a set of ancient steps I saw in the distance several Beings that looked like stereotypical Grim Reapers. I turned to leave before they saw me, that feeling of when you enter a place you’re not supposed to be washing over me, but there was one on the stairs behind me blocking my path. Suddenly five or six surrounded me in a circle and pressed in close enough to seal off any escape. They meant no harm, they explained, they just didn’t want me to run away. Apparently I was meant to be there for a specific reason. I asked them to change their shape because having several “Grim Reapers” freaked me out. They took turns changing how they wanted me to perceive them, making it a point to make me laugh.

They guided me to an area where they set up log seats in a large circle that surrounded a large mushroom-like table. More of their kind showed up, as did Death and who I can only describe as their “Right Hand.” For some reason they took the forms of my dad and brother, respectively. Maybe to try and keep me calm by appearing as people that I knew?

My alarm went off and I awoke shortly after that. Even though I didn’t get to “see” the rest of the meeting it’s almost as if I just know what was being talked about and why I was there. I can feel the tug of needing to go back, though. I wonder if it’ll be as clear a second time.


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