The Zetkturaths: What they are

The Zetkturaths are a type of feral Being that resides on a plane strangely reminiscent of Pompeii, even down to their prey (human like creatures whose skin looks almost like they are covered in third degree burns.) Appearance wise they have tanned fur, thick and muscled tails, large bat-like wings, and a pair of horns that vary in shape. Their claws are half the length of their fingers, meant for tearing through prey like it is made of butter, and their eyes are similar to a cat’s in their ability to see in the dark and how they are able to do so.

Like the Tsoothriem, the Zetkturaths thrive on domination. Unlike the Tsoothriem, whose domination and rituals are tidy despite being bloody, the Zetkturaths prefer total carnage. The messier their rituals and feeding the stronger they become and the more successful the ritual is considered. The exception to this seems to be their annual “Slave Hunt” where they hunt, capture, and rape victims for the sole purpose of breeding. The reason for this is due to the mortality rate of mothers among their kind. Infants aren’t born in the same way that human infants are. The babes claw, eat, and chew their way out of their mothers. Because of this female Zetkturaths are rare as they often attempt to escape the clans and hide in an attempt to survive.

Child rearing is just as violent. If the child doesn’t conform to the ways of the clan they die, either by accident or at the hands of another clan member. The purpose for this, according to them, is 100% survival. Those who are too weak to survive are considered a liability to the clan and are either abandoned or killed.

Their belief systems include the absorption of either power or weakness through consumption. When they fight, the defeated are always killed. It is believed that consuming their corpse can make the victor either stronger or weaker depending on the strength the defeated showed. Leaving the corpse to rot is considered the ultimate insult as it shows the victor believes the defeated to have been too weak or too beneath them to consume. The reason for this is their belief that weakness can also be absorbed. If the enemy is too weak it can affect the victor and make them weaker instead of stronger. As such, those that are considered too weak to benefit the victor are left to the scavengers.

Their language consists mostly of growls and snarls and as such can be difficult to translate. Even in their less feral looking forms the remnants of that language is still in their voices and laced in the way they speak. It is a hard sound to try and explain in writing but imagine what a bear might sound like if it spoke human tongue and you might get an idea.

Overall, while fascinating, their race is very high on my “beginners avoid at all costs” list… Below only the Tsoothriem. While I may write about them here I plead with everyone to leave them be. They are not ones who appreciate strangers and meddling. You will get hurt and it won’t be avoidable.


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