Religious Views: Which one is correct?

I got asked this question a while ago via tumblr: Out of all religions which do you think is the true religion?

My answer is this: They are all “correct.”

People experience Spirituality differently. What one person experiences won’t exactly match what another person does. This doesn’t mean one of you is wrong, it just means you experienced the same thing in a different way. For example let’s say two people, an elderly gentleman and a little girl, go to the zoo. They both walk to the ape exhibit and look through the glass/barriers on opposite ends. The little girl sees an ape eating a piece of fruit. The old man sees the same ape from another angle and all he sees is it scratching it’s butt. Both things happened so neither experience is wrong. It’s kind of the same when dealing with Spirits and Astral instances. A lot of the time people are experiencing the same thing just differently.

In terms of the differences in religion (like Catholicism versus Kemeticism) you also need to take local Spirits into account as well. What people see in one country will be different than what is seen in others. For example the Jersey Devil is only really seen in North America while the Ki’Rin is found almost exclusively in Asia. So following this thought process a creature that looks like Anubis may only be found in Egypt while Abrahamic angels may have only been in the Middle East.

All of this being said leads to the question of why Spirits and Deities want to be worshiped. The short answer? Power. The more people that worship them the more powerful they become. Think about it, you’re giving them not only your time but your energy when you sing devotions/give offerings/etc. The energy of their devotees is that gives them their power so therefore more devotees mean more energy which means more power. Toss in the fact that local Spirits are very different between one country and the next and you sort of have a reason for the religious differences right there.

This is a very basic and badly done attempt at an explanation as to why there are differences but I hope it helps explain even a little bit.


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