To Tie Two People Together

This spell combines my two main themes in my craft: rose magic and spider magic. It is very customizable so feel free to change as you need when casting it!


A poppet/representation of two people (one poppet per person)




Rose petals of a corresponding color (for example if the point of this spell as you cast it would be to deepen a friendship you would use yellow rose petals)

Fake spider

What to do:

Note: Be sure to charge everything with your intent either before your spell or as you are putting it all together.

1: Combine the water and glue in a bowl. Dip the thread into the mixture and then squeeze the access off the thread. Use the thread to bind the two poppets together while imagining a spider weaving their web around them.

2: While the thread is still wet stick the rose petals onto it or tuck them under the thread. Pin the little spider to the thread as well and then let the thread dry.

3: Close your spell however you see fit. Personally, as an energy worker, I manipulate the energy into a concentrate and attach it to my poppets.

4: Keep the poppets somewhere where they won’t be disturbed.

And that’s it! Let me know how you use this spell! I’m curious!


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