“Karma” in Witchcraft

Those of you who are familiar with/practice witchcraft have most likely heard of the Wiccan belief of what they call “the Threefold Law.” Now most witches that are not a member of this religion don’t pay this much mind (myself included) however it begs the question: What might have started such a rule?

The western belief of Karma is simple, “What goes around comes around.” What this means is that what you do affects things that happen to you later. Now to an extent I believe in this but I prefer the term “Butterfly Effect” as the word “Karma” comes from a closed Eastern religion that requires initiation or conversion to practice.

Now the original understanding of Karma comes from Hinduism and Buddhism. This belief means that actions taken not only in this life but also your previous ones affect you and what you become in your future lives. It is not an immediate thing but a buildup of your actions over time. (This is a very basic understanding so if anyone wants to add on please feel free.)

When it comes to witchcraft and the belief in the western Karma/Butterfly Effect my personal understanding of what happens is simple. If you curse and bad stuff starts happening to you, you’re either paranoid or something happened during or after cursing (you didn’t close the ritual/spell correctly, the target has something to negate curses, etc.). It has nothing to do with “the energy you put into the world comes back to you” and everything to do with “something messed up somewhere.”

This is my personal take on it. Some people may not agree and I understand and respect that. Please respect my stance as well.


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