The Mgoagn Ghillie Dhu: A Very Brief Introduction

Image credit: Artemis Kolakis

Etymology: Ghillie is thought to mean “lad” and Dhu is thought to mean “dark hair.” (x)

Canonically in traditional Scottish mythology, the Ghillie Dhu are a type of male Fae that reside in a specific area of Scotland. They are known for their gentle disposition and particular affection towards children (however they had a reputation for being apathetic if not cruel towards adults.) They are usually depicted with dark hair and wearing clothes made of moss and leaves and they have a fondness for/affiliation with birch trees. They are mentioned in a few legends and pieces of poetry that I will be posting with credit in another post in this series.

UPG wise they have a tendency to be elitist where adults are concerned, meaning that they are accepting of children but if adults of a different race come near them the Ghillie Dhu can get very haughty. Despite the legend there are female Ghillie Dhu. However they rarely wander far from their settlement, hence why not a lot of people seem to see them as much as the males. How they have built their settlement is very much influenced by their ancestor veneration, which is another topic that I will cover in detail later on in this series.

I hope you enjoy the posts that will follow in this series! Please feel free to make suggestions, ask questions, or start discussions involving this or any other series that I have written/will write!


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