Working with Spirits: Contracts

Taken from my girlfriend’s tumblr account.

Contracts: Individual and Race

So new things have been circulating through the community, so many new people are finding different spirits and exploring the astral. I know that most people are aware of the unsaid rule of not contacting the spirits that work with another person, individual spirits that is. It’s considered rude and invasive.

But there is another things that most people do not think of. I know most are excited about the discovery of new spirits and new places on the astral. Who wouldn’t be? But please keep in mind that there are differences with the individual contract and the contract of a race.

Individual contracts are like the accepting of friendship, companionship, even lovers. It’s casual and it’s something close to a person.

Race contracts are more delicate, they are fostered through hard work and relationships. I’m really referencing those that work with them exclusively. I know that for the companionship, it’s a lot about those that have specialties and for those that offer unique spirits. It’s fascinating and so curious because they are new.

Everyone gets excited about the discovery of new spirit types, new places on the astral, etc etc. But I want to have a friendly reminder that some respect and space is needed. Mostly, it concerns that you can be curious and want to know as much as you can about this new type of spirit, but please respect the person who discovered them. It may seem like they are gatekeeping, preventing others from working with them. It’s true, I do it too, but not for the reasons that some can think.

Imagine discovering a brand new specie of birds. They are exotic and beautiful, but they were not easy to be found. You work hours on end, years on end, to learn everything that you can about them. Imagine that you release the information about them and suddenly, tourists flock to the area. They are speaking about things that you taught about, that you spent years learning. It’s amazing to see that so many listened to your words.

But they came into the area without your permission, they just trampled over a tree that had a nest, they are eating the local berries that give them sustenance. Suddenly, they are endangered and their economy is declining. The people brought themselves in without permission, destroying a place that was sacred to the bird kind.

That’s what it is like for those that discover and work with new types of spirits. We LOVE to share information and to show others how amazing they are, but we also keep people at a distance for a reason.

Spirits can get agitated because others come into their place without permission, calling them unsolicited (like telemarketers). Spirits can and usually lash out at those that try to poke in and learn more on their own.

There is a gatekeeping for a reason, because we have spent so long trying to foster a contract, a bond, with these spirits so that we can introduce people to them gradually. They could be dangerous to even speak to, let along try to contact.

A good example is the Masquerade Demons that @germanforhell works with.

I know personally, from living with them around, that they take even the simplest of phrase seriously. Jess had one leaning over her, and she opened her mouth to say, “Can I help you?” By doing so, she would have entered herself into a contract of obligatory aid to this Masquerade Demon until they felt it was satisfied.
@thedragonslibrary just updated their shop with a beautiful new type of spirit dragon called the Bir’rix. In her words:

I just spent months working with the Bir’rix until I could get to a place with them where they were happy and comfortable with presenting themselves to humans. That’s a lot of work that I would hate for someone else to accidentally undo.
It’s there for a purpose, because contracts with the ones that “discovered” them are there for a reason. We WANT to get spirits out and working with others, but remember that some of us spend up to a few years making sure that all facets of them can work with humans in a safe manner. They aren’t in mythology that we can easily use a reference to establish a basis of character.


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