“How do you learn to sense energies, your own and others?”

I got this as an ask on tumblr a while ago and it’s one of my most popular posts so I wanted to share it here!

I’m going to go ahead and tell you what I had my gf do when she started opening up again.

1) Meditate

I know this gets thrown around a lot and everyone is tired of hearing about it but hear me out. You don’t have to clear your mind, you don’t have to go into any “clear space” or whatever they call it. All I want you to do it to feel yourself. Get to know your own energy, how it feels, how it flows.

2) Practice

Do step 1 often. Play around with your energy. Learn how to manipulate it, how to move it. Learn what your limits are with the manipulation and then push them a little bit every day. While perfection is a myth practice can get you pretty damn close.

3) Try to create the “bubble”

This is what I called creating something like an energy field that you use to sense what’s around you. It’s NOT a shield but if you learn how to “harden” your energy it can very easily do both. In order to create the “bubble” you should be in a Spiritually safe place. If something that doesn’t appreciate you trying to sense them feels that you are trying they may take offense and that’s never good. So always be in a Spiritually safe place when you do this the first few times.

When you find or create your space then I want you to sit down and once again do step one. Work your energy into a bubble around you and then try to expand it. When your energy comes into contact with foreign energy you should feel it like a ping or a heaviness. Each being will feel a little different but at first the differences will be very subtle. Again, practice a bit every day and you’ll soon be able to not only pick up the differences but you’ll also be able to expand your bubble.


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