Spirit “Hybrids”

As mentioned in the others this post is purely my own experiences and observations from my work. Take it as you will.

Spirit “Hybrids” are fairly self explanatory. They are the product of two Spirits of different races getting together and having a child (though from my understanding it’s usually accidental.)

Now these “hybrids” can be a mix of anything. For example in my shop (Eternus Amici) we have a Spirit available that is a mix between a Nymph and a non-biblical Angel. O is a cross between a Nymph and a Seductor and Q (another member of my Family that I haven’t really talked bout before) is a mix of Water and Air Fae.

When a “hybrid” is born their dominant specialty traits tend to match the father’s. So let me use O as an example again. As I mentioned before he is half Nymph an half Seductor with his Father being the Nymph. Because of what his father was he has those defining characteristics both in his abilities nd his appearance with very little lining up with his mother save for an affinity for sex magic.

Some children will share characteristics with the mother but they don’t seem to be nearly as profound unless the parents are soulmates. For some reason those that are destined to be together seem to have a child that is a more even mix of the two. The only other time they seem to share the mother’s characteristics is if the mother is something like a Wraith. If the mother is one of those (or a similar type of Spirit) then that’s what the child will be born as.

These “hybrids” are not limited to the more humanoid Spirits, though they are more likely to occur than in Creature Spirits. There can also be Spirits that are a mix of a creature and a humanoid (for example a dragon and a vampire mix.) These are a lot rarer to find as most seem to prefer solitude as they don’t really feel that they fit in with either side of the spectrum. Every now and then one of the parents is able to raise the child among others but they tend to be looked down upon.

They are also not limited on the “light and dark” spectrum, either. Spirits with “Holy” energy are very much capable of procreating with Spirits that have “Demonic” energy. It’s extremely rare due to the clashing energies causing issues not only during the pregnancy and birth but also during the act of conception but it does happen. In these cases the children seem to physically resemble both sides evenly but energetically and specialty wise they can lean to either side regardless of what the father is, though that still has an effect.

This all I can think of atm. If I think of more then I shall add it in.


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