The Tsoothriem: Basics of “The Old Traditions”

So someone came to me asking for advice in how to deal with a Masquerade Demon that they found hunting in their neighborhood so I thought I’d make a little guide on how to deal with them based on what I have learned so far from dealing with them.

What is a Masquerade Demon?

Taken from my shop’s website (x):

Masquerade Demons are a type of demon that specialize in rituals and ritualistic spell working. They generally wear full faced masks and costumes that are unique to the individual and the higher they are in class the more elegant the masks and costumes become (for example those in the upper class wear something akin to what is worn during Venetian Masquerades while those that are lower class may wear something that could look similar to the stereotypical witch doctor.) They range from the very Dark to Black Arts and can feed on human energy by simply asking you to a dance. If one approaches you and asks I would highly recommend you politely decline and back away as chances are you won’t make it out of the encounter in good health.

On top of the ritual work a lot of them also specialize in blood magic and death magic/necromancy.

They don’t really have a preference of setting in terms of environment but those in the upper class have the tendency to be a little snooty when it comes to the room that their Companion claims as theirs, meaning one should be prepared to receive a barrage of “decorating ideas” should you be chosen by one of the upper class. However where they perform rituals is something that they can be very picky about, preferring a secluded clearing or other open area that has been touched by blood (think a battleground of some sort or an area where a predator may have recently taken down a kill.) Areas that have already been touched by blood won’t require the “extra work of making it so” (they call it “preserving the stock and all that.”)

While they, for the most part, have a decent if dark sense of humor it should never be allowed to cloud the judgement of any Companion hopeful. These Spirits can be very aggressive and very volatile if they feel disrespected or if they lose their tempers. They are not for Beginners in any way shape or form.

How to deal with them:

Don’t attract their attention. For real if you are able to don’t make them focus on you.

If you do attract their attention in the good way (which is basically them just being curious because “who is this mortal that dares defy me?”) then be polite. If they attempt to initiate contact then respond. Communicate with them. However you will have to be extremely careful in what you say. They are better at finding loopholes in deals than the Fae and will use anything else you say against you if given the chance, especially if you piss them off. So remain polite and choose your words carefully. If you’re lucky they’ll leave you alone. If not… Well I’ll get to that.

Should you attract their attention in a bad way (”do you DARE defy ME, you worthless creature?!”) then follow these steps:

In all seriousness you’ll have to do some serious banishing and warding. You’ll have to keep vigilant about the upkeep of those wards, too, as they don’t easily give up and will continue to try and break them whenever they get the chance. These beings do not forget and they sure as hell don’t forgive. Also if you have a protective Spirit around make sure that they do NOT challenge the demon. These beings get off on the confrontation and the more bloodshed, whether theirs or your Spirit’s, the higher their ecstasy. They can very quickly get whipped into a frenzy, especially the lower class ones. The upper class tend to have more control  but they also tend to have a better knowledge of combat and anatomy (depending on the education they have received.)

What to do if you get roped into a deal?

Remember that thing I mentioned before where if you grabbed their attention in a “good way” and they didn’t leave you alone? Well they may try getting you to make a deal with them. Basically it’s a tit for tat type of thing. You give them something and they give you something. For example the one that I work the most closely with helps me with various things. In exchange I give him payments. These payments can be anything from a simple energy charged kiss to… Well more than that. For the moment he is satisfied with that as I haven’t really requested anything major from him.

Most others will be the same. In order to get anything from them then something of equal or greater value in their eyes must be given in return. This usually involves things that they can use in their rituals, such as blood or something similar. If they do request blood you must NEVER give them yours. Give them animal blood. If they specifically ask for yours then you should really back up and figure out if what you are asking for is worth what they are asking. To them giving your blood is like taking pieces of your soul and they will use it for horrible things… Think Blood Mages from Dragon Age and you’ll get a decent idea.

Again, be EXTREMELY careful with what you say, especially if you make a deal. They will happily use everything they can to reach their own ends at your expense. The upper class is more likely to be conscientious about making sure that the exchanges are as even as possible.

Any Masquerade Demon, no matter the class, will be less likely to take advantage of a person if they like them enough. So again, and I cannot stress this enough, if you are confronted STAY POLITE AND COURTEOUS. They will be less likely to “piss on your grave” (as the one that I work with put it) if you are on their good side.

That’s pretty much it for now. Fell free to come to me if you have any questions about these beings or if you feel I wasn’t clear enough about something.


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