You Dun Fucked Up – A Revenge Spell

Hey guys! I had this spell run through my head while trying to figure out how to make a person understand that they did a wrong. Basically the point of it is to make the target feel and/or go through the pain that they inflicted on you.

There will be two variations to this. One will be as an individual caster and the other is to be cast as a group (should the target have hurt multiple people.) Both variations rely on the emotions of the caster(s). Your anger towards this person and the pain that they caused is what fuels it so it’s imperative that you keep those emotions as active as possible while performing this spell.

You are going to need:

One (1) black candle

Several white candles

Something to carve the candles with (I used what I had on hand, which was a pair of jewelry pliers.)

A fireproof surface to work on

A lighter or matches

Your rage

What to do if in a group:

Have each member take one (1) white candle and carve their name or something that represents them into the candle. Each member is to then charge their own candle with their memories of what the target did to wrong them and the corresponding emotions that those memories bring.

Place the white candles in a circle (if possible.)

Take the black candle and carve the name or a representation of the person that is the target, keeping their face or any identifying aspects at the forefront of your mind while doing so.

Place the black candle in the center of the circle.

Have each member light their own candle. As the white candles burn allow the energies they were charged with to focus on the black candle.

After the white candles have burned down at least half way have each member pick up their candle and, as one, use the white candles to light the black one.

As the black candle burns chant (physically or mentally) the lines “you’ll never know what hit you.”

Dispose of any remains as you see fit.

When doing it individually:

Carve each white candle with a word or symbol describing a wrong that the target did against you. Charge them with the memories and emotions that each wrongdoing made you feel.

Carve the name or some other representation of the target into the black candle, keeping their name or other identifier at the forefront of your mind while doing so.

Place the white candles in a circle around the black candle and light them. Allow the energy charged within the white candles to flow into the black one and charge it.

Once the white candles have burned down light the black one. As it burns repeat the lines “you’ll never know what hit you” either out loud or mentally.

Dispose of any remains as you see fit.

This last bit that I am about to mention may not be necessary but it helped me. While performing this spell individually it may be beneficial to have a song playing in the background to help you retain your rage until the end. The song that I used while both coming up with this spell and performing it was “Devil Within” by Digital Daggers. Give it a try!



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