“Why do spirits react according to us and not how they really are?”

This is again an ask that was sent to me on tumblr that I thought I’d post here.

The short answer is acceptance. If they react the way you expect them to then maybe you will accept what they are. Think of Jareth from Labyrinth and the following lines:

Sarah: Give me the child.
Jareth: Sarah, beware. I have been generous up ‘til now. I can be cruel.
Sarah: Generous? What have you done that’s generous?
Jareth: *Everything*! Everything that you wanted I have done. You asked that the child be taken. I took him. You cowered before me, I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for *you*! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations. Isn’t that generous?

Most Spirits don’t seem to understand human actions and the way humans react to things. They seem to think that acting the way we expect them to is acting the way that we want them to and that in doing so we will accept them and welcome them. In terms of darker Spirits us rejecting them can cause them to be confused and angry because we aren’t reacting in the way that they believe we should, which is to try and open communication.

Obviously that last part doesn’t apply to all Spirits. Some just want to cause mischief. Some may feel that a person is invading their territory and need to be punished or just plain need to leave. These particular Spirits won’t really care about whether or not they meet the expectations, they just want to get their “job” done.


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