How is it that all UPG can exist at the same time and ALL be true?

Again, this is an ask that I received on tumblr and thought it would be good to post here!

The very definition of a UPG (or Unverified Personal Gnosis) is:

“the phenomenological concept that an individual’s spiritual insights (or gnosis) may be valid for them without being generalizable to the experience of others”

What this basically means is that even if a person may experience something Spiritual that is different from most of the others who practice in a similar manner or similar things doesn’t mean that they are wrong, they were just approached differently.
For example I know most people view Nordic Loki as this trickster God with red hair. When he first approached me I saw that as well because that’s kind of what I was expecting to see but over time my expectations died away and I saw him as something else. I saw him as what he claims he is, a deity of fire who at the time was really depressed because of how his identity was taken from him and changed into basically the bad guy of this newer religion.
Because I see him this way when (as far as I know) nobody else does it is my personal UPG. It’s not that I’m necessarily wrong or that everybody else is wrong it’s just that I see him differently and he approached me differently.
The same goes with your “normal” Spirits. I may encounter the same Spirit that you do but they will not treat us both the same. Most of the time they tend to react the way that we expect them to (for example something that you may view as “negative” will react in the way you think they will because it’s expected of them, not really because they want to.) That won’t make either of us wrong in our experiences, it just means we experienced the same thing but in different ways.


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