Hello! My name is Jess and I am a pansexual Spirit Worker/Companion. I prefer she/her pronouns, please. I run the shop Eternus Amici and its tumblr with my girlfriend.

While I have seen and interacted with Spirits most of my life I have been an “official” Spirit Worker for around six years. I was introduced to Spirit Companionship about four or five years ago (I have a very difficult time with timelines) through tumblr and was so happy to find people who shared similar experiences that I did (I had noticed that Spirits would use physical items as anchors of sorts but didn’t know until then that other people not only noticed that but it had a community behind it!)

I am a practicing witch, though I rarely use physical items. Most of my spells involve visualization and the manipulation of energy. My main focuses in my practice involve rose and spider magic.

I am NOT a Wiccan.